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Raibod Iranian E-Commerce Company (RIEC) is one of the innovative and knowledge-based companies in the field of digital business that founded in 2019 with a team of experts experienced in the field of information technology and digital business development. Ensuring the flexibility needed by organizations and businesses in the digital age, utilizing proficiency and enabling productive use of technologies RIEC was established. Raibod Iranian E-Commerce Company aims to help businesses and organizations improve productivity by providing smart, intelligent and digital-based solutions.

Raibod Iranian E-Commerce Company focuses on developing new businesses and capturing market trends in emergent technologies in collaboration with state-of-the-art universities and leading international research institutes, consultants, analysts and clients in developing and designing innovative digital solutions.

our Values

  • We seek to create a smarter world with happier human beings;
  • We provide the commitment to our customers along with new services;
  • We respect the needs of our customers and consider their success in our destination.
  • We think globally and seek productivity improvement international wide;
  • We define quality and innovation as the individual goals of our leading staff.
  • We hire people to promote them and provide them with an opportunity to express their abilities and skills internationally.
  • In our view, customer loyalty is realized through being innovation for them, we evaluate ourselves

with this end; And Our most important value at RIEC is to create a more relaxed world for all our partners. We are grateful to our teammates because each of them contributes to providing a more creative and interactive experience for the customers in a unique way.

our Services

Designing or developing a digital business requires many different steps, from idea conceptualization to establish digital business fulfilled concretely. In this regard, RIEC helps organizations and businesses in the following areas using the latest global methods.

  • Ideation, designing and implementing digital businesses
  • Ideation, designing and implementing digital businesses
  • Customer journey planning based on the latest UI / UX/ UXP methods and methodologies.

  • Designing and developing digital business development roadmaps.

  • Consulting in designing and running digital businesses.

RIEC experts and mentors help your firm become a digital leader in the digital world. Is coming. Digital transformation eliminates the gap between the expectations of the digital customer and the actual value delivered to him.

  • Evaluating the maturity and capabilities of the organization and presenting a roadmap for the digital transformation of the organization both technological and visionary.

  • Consultation and collaboration with the organization in implementing digital transformation strategies in the organization.

  • Use up-to-date tools and methodologies and provide innovative solutions for greater productivity

  • Developing digital strategies, improving digital processes, and managing the customer digital experience

  • Consulting in the areas of digital technology acquisition and integration in the organization.

Promoting sales and productivity is always one of the main concerns of business owners. RIEC offers a wide range of services to businesses in this field using integrated digital and cloud-based technologies.

  • Manage and monitor online business smarter.

  • Manage mobile field services workers online and smart using GIS technology.
  • Designing and offering dedicated cloud and location-based customer club services.
  • Designing and delivering digital campaigns including discount vouchers, online drawing, smart customer recommender systems and more.

  • Designing and delivering digital campaigns including discount vouchers, online drawing, smart customer recommender systems and more.

  • Rendering a variety of electronic payment solutions including QR, NFC, and electronic wallet and…

  • Evaluate and monitor your branches and sales vendors in a real-time and smart manner

In the digital realm, the most important asset of any organization is its knowledge workforces, and the quality of the human resources empowerment process is one of the most important factors in the survival of the organization. An efficient and capable workforce creates an efficient and capable organization. RIEC provides firms with up-to-date cloud-based modules and digital tools specifically for knowledge workforces’ empowerment.

  • Designing intelligent staff appraisal systems

  • Designing Employee promotion and involvement solutions employing Gamification

  • Designing Employee promotion and involvement solutions employing Gamification

  • Designing talent acquisition and retention systems.

  • Providing solutions in the field of digital learning.

  • Manage the staff experience and design the digital employee knowledge trees/maps.

  • Intelligent management of mobile forces such as sales staff, support staff, etc.

our Products


Abeen™ is an intelligent field service management system that is essential for any service provider company. An efficient field service solution should address issues such as scheduling in-person services, technician allocation depending on skill and availability, optimized routing system, allocation and management of equipment and resources to tasks and workforces. Besides, Abeen™ as a comprehensive solution in field service management issues provides firms with, monitoring mobile workforces performance in real-time and smart manner combined with intelligent dashboards utilized with both behavior and performance indices.


Create personal loyalty programs to build longer-term relationships with your customers. Lamp™ helps business owners modernize their marketing strategy and increase customer loyalty. Business owners from any type of industry can easily set up their own customer clubs tailored and manage their digital data and loyalty programs more smart. Customers can also manage all of their customer club cards seamlessly in the lamp™. Also, customers will keep up to date with all their club campaigns and promotions online in tailored suggestions.

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